Downland Sunrise

Arriving on location before dawn can be an inspiring and caffeine induced experience but the rewards can be worthwhile. Preparing kit with numbed fingers in the pre dawn darkness has its moments, usually the thought running through my head is, ‘will this be worth it’. It’s the unknown, the unpredictable, waiting for the combination of natural elements to fuse into the rare breathtaking moment. With the sky softening from cold blues to pinks with slender white trails stretching across the horizon the sun reveals stretching shadows of old oaks across silent pastures. The mist, lying cold over warmer ground turns from an impenetrable haze to a white filter gliding across fields and over a winding river. Rising through the mist the warm tones of the sun begins to soften the silhouetted structures, lighting the flood plain and mirrored water on the ebbing river. With softly lit autumn tree tops the angular town houses slowly wake from a night of stars. To capture the fleeting light I used the Inspire 2 drone, fitted with the X5S micro four thirds camera. With a 45mm lens, equivalent to 90mm at 35mm it reveals the layers of a landscape while enabling me to maintain a good distance from the main subject.

Tim Kahane