Blog — Castle in the mist

Getting out to a location before dawn can be an inspiring and caffeine induced experience but the rewards can be equally worthwhile. As you wait with kit prepared the sky gradually turns from soft blue to pink as the sun rises above the horizon. The mist, lying over warm ground turns from an impenetrable haze to a white filter slowly gliding across fields and over a winding river, revealing the tops of autumn trees and the angular shapes of houses waking from a night of stars. The Inspire 2 drone is fitted with the X5S micro four thirds camera and a 45mm lens giving an equivalent 90mm at 35mm. This small lens creates a fabulous depth revealing the layers of a landscape while enabling the operator to maintain a good distance from the main subject. Rising through the mist the warm tones of the sun can be seen softening the tones of structures and lighting the morning as ducks glide over the mirrored water of the ebbing river.

Tim Kahane