Indian Domes

Languid in the shadow of Indian domes

Stories of love on summer lawns unfold

Warmed by the sun an indefinable connection

A breeze of emotion so pure in direction

Spiralling wires with current so directed

A path to the soul of young loves intended

Those were the days of feeling alive

Where youthful expression with no bounds was denied

On twisting roads so recklessly procured

Cliff edge and sandy beach both hypnotically lured

So reach out in desire to discover you must

Explore frontiers of emotion but remember your past

Respect for the friends that stand by your side

Through darkness and light as emotions collide

But under the domes of Brighton Pavillion

Loves fire still flickers in it’s secret dominion

Just as memories of decades past

Two young figures once lay on the grass

With eyes closed to the rational world

Semaphore signals of desire so flawlessly unfurled


Tim Kahane