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— I am a photographer and videographer based in West Sussex who specialises in providing aerial imagery to a broad variety of clients. With 5 years commercial drone experience I have worked with tv, film, marketing, architectural and development companies across the UK. From the ground or the air I create imagery with equal degrees of passion.

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Tim Kahane is a photographer from the sun-kissed vineyards of southern England.

—  I was born in a small village in the shadow of the South Downs in West Sussex, England, an era of warm summers and cold winters. Today vines cover the south facing slopes around the same Sussex village where I once climbed tall trees. The nearby Downlands are still a place of inspiration where shadows race over rolling hillsides under chattering skylarks. I spent 25 years as a freelance illustrator and was represented by Artist Partners for much of this time. In 2008 I picked up a camera again and it has been my companion ever since. In 2014 I qualified as a commercial drone operator providing aerial photography and video for clients across the country.




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